” I don’t know anything about food.

But I know something about life.”

Viv Vermaak

Version 2

Viv Vermaak is a self confessed barbarian when it comes to food. But she believes that we need to look each other in the eye and break the proverbial bread (gluten free, brown, unleavened or however the fuck you like your bread) in order for us to find each other as a nation.

Join Viv every post for a new dish, a new place and a new person. In this journey, we learn about food from the ground up and learn more from each other and of life.

A raw, honest food and lifestyle blog that will not cook the facts or sugarcoat the truth.

And of course, with Viv’s unique insights and adventurous nature, every serving will come with a healthy dose of spice, mental tobasco sauce and occasionally, sex.